Our CoWorking Space provides an array of working environments, lounge areas, meeting rooms, and offices; all designed and furnished to support any business, organizational or professional development activities.

Our CoWorking is enriched with our CoCreating and CoBuilding areas. This is the most important value advantage. We promote synergy with the community of our ecosystem by sharing projects with other coworkers, clients, sponsors and investors in various topics such as robotics innovation, IoT, AI, Blockchain, ecommerce, Drones, AgriTech, HealthTech, BioTech, EduTech, SecTech and others.

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valo hublab has spaces for you to transform into what you are in need of

  • a photo or multimedia studio,
  • spaces with collaborative work tables,
  • meeting room,
  • event room,
  • theater workshop and more…

Because we understand the challenges of doing business, we offer you:

  • Excellent strategic location at Puerto Madero.
  • Flexible hours and days, 7 days 24 hours
  • Network of contacts and access to different communities: IoT, AI, drones, robots, SW, mobile…
  • Support and guidance to help you grow your business or investment
  • Facilities
    • We have 11 rooms, 3 lounges, 2 open spaces and a large terrace balcony
    • Wi-fi storage places, Telephone lines, Coffee, Tea, Mate, Water
    • Air-conditioned environment, cannon, led tv, laser pointer
  • Discounts on restaurantes and parking spaces

valo hublab offers you an innovative way to work and we offer you everything so that you can create, feel, produce and connect with all your creativity and your desire to achieve the objectives.

As a complement to our infrastructure, we also provide a community of subject matter experts and mentors interested in and available to support you in achieving your goals.

Tell us your need!